Sophia patricia mai


​From my little London pad, I aim to explore all that the city has to offer. The constant search for the perfect brunch or Sunday lunch or cocktail bar means that my weekends are usually spent sampling the wares of local restaurants, food markets and cafes, intermingled with meandering around favourite shops, visits to fabulous beauty spots and lazy walks through the parks.

While I absolutely adore eating out, exploring this fabulous city and any other place I get the chance to visit, the happiest of times are most often spent at home. Whether it be cooking a date night supper, hosting my annual thanksgiving feast, or just simple, slow cooking surrounded by friends and family, I love to be at home and, as such, delight in nothing more than making it as wonderfully cosy as possible.

​So please, grab a cup of tea, have a read, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and come along on my little adventures in London and beyond.

Love, Sophia x