An Evening at: The Jetty, Christchurch


A couple of weeks ago, making the most of the last rays of the Summer sun, I headed down to the Dorset coast and found myself at The Jetty. Located in an idyllic spot as part of the Christchurch Harbour Hotel, looking out over the estuary at Mudeford, The Jetty boasts an array of locally sourced, delicious food and a strong wine list.

From the gorgeous floor to ceiling windows, to the view of the sun going down over the quietly lapping waves, The Jetty was serene and beautiful, setting the scene for a perfectly relaxing evening. So, glass of champagne in hand, we went about perusing the delightful offerings on the menu.



//To Start//

I selected the Shrimp and Pork Dumplings (£9.50). These were classic, steamed Asian style dumplings, served with a soy dipping sauce, sat atop a pineapple salsa. These were a really enjoyable and well sized starter, with the sweetness of the pineapple salsa contrasting nicely with the salty soy dip.

My fellow diner chose the Lobster and Truffle Ravioli with a truffle oil emulsion (£10.50). If ever there was a need for serious food envy, it was when this arrived at our table. Stuffed to the brim with a rich and creamy lobster filling and a perfectly subtle truffle emulsion, the dish was truly a sensation.

My boyfriend chose the hay smoked steak tartare, topped with an egg yolk and a crisply toasted piece of sourdough (£12.00). My original reservations about ordering steak in a restaurant offering such wonderfully fresh seafood were completely quashed when this was brought out. Beautifully presented, with the egg yolk perched delicately on the top, the tartare was well flavoured and the subtle smokiness that came through complimented it well. I could have easily polished this off!



//Main Courses//

Being by the sea, it was a no brainer that I’d be having fish. I opted for a fresh whole roasted sea bream, cooked in chilli and garlic, accompanied by greens and beurre blanc (£21.50). This was a wonderful dish, packed full of fresh flavours, with the garlic and chilli working beautifully to add a slight kick whilst not overpowering the fish.

For those who don’t fancy seafood, there was also a beautiful array of meat dishes available. Across the table, Lamb with Tomato and polenta chips (£22.50) was ordered. The dish arrived perfectly pink and in a very generous portion size, with the polenta chips on the side making a fun and flavoursome alternative to regular fries.



//To Finish//

If I see a soufflé on a menu, its almost certain that I’m going to have it. They are one of my all time favourite desserts and a perfectly light way to end a meal. The soufflé on offer at The Jetty was a fun play on a classic combination: Rhubarb and Custard (£8.50). The dish delivered everything I wanted from a soufflé, it was light and well risen, and intensely flavoured with tangy rhubarb.

My boyfriend opted for the super kitsch ‘Oops, I’ve Dropped My Ice Cream’ (£7.50). Think, an upside down ice cream cone, perched atop a mound of edible sand, seaweed and ‘pebbles’. As usual, I simply had to steal a taste and must say that on the whole the dish worked very well together. Whilst crushed biscuits and ice cream are always a winning combo, the addition of the seaweed (yes, like Chinese take-away style seaweed) made a salty addition that surprisingly worked really well and added a fun element to the dish.



So, if you’re in the mood for stunning sunset views and high quality, fresh sea food and fish in Dorset, look no further than the Jetty.

Love, Sophia x

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  1. Essi
    November 10, 2017 / 3:58 am

    Love the honest opinions you seem to share in your blog 🙂 You’re pictures seem very talented too!

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