An Evening at: Marianne, Notting Hill

Growing up, birthdays were always the biggest of deals: a tradition I have happily continued into adult life. In honour of that, for another of my boyfriend’s many birthday celebrations (this time with his mum), we headed to somewhere we had been dying to go: Marianne.

Housed on the corner of a little Notting Hill street, Marianne is quiet and unassuming from the outside. Seating only 14 people, the atmosphere is intimate, but not at all claustrophobic and the restaurant maintains a pleasant buzz, with views into the busy kitchen.

Upon being seated we ordered a drink and set to work examining what was on offer. Marianne is home to two tasting menus: the Deluxe (£130) and the Classic (£95). Though we all opted for the classic, the restaurant was exceedingly accommodating, allowing us to mix and match with items from both menus. Today, I’ll be taking a look back on some my favourite courses from the meal.


To begin with we were treated to a mini deep-fried gyoza and a cheese bite each to enjoy alongside our aperitif. These were the perfect little bite size morsels on which to begin the meal and, though small, packed a mighty punch flavour-wise.
Then came the first of our many courses: Ceviche of Hebridean Scallops and Sicilian blood oranges. I’m a huge fan of ceviche, and this one really delivered: a punchy orange sauce with a spicy kick, that still allowed the delicateness of the scallop to shine through. I could have easily finished off another plate of this!
For the fish course we were treated to a plate of Cornish John Dory, agretti, celeriac and beurre noisette. This was easily my favourite course of the evening, with the light and delicate fish pairing beautifully with the intensely creamy beurre noisette. Even the foam, which can be pretty divisive on a plate, impressed with a subtly salty flavour that definitely added a little something to the dish.
The John Dory may have been my favourite, but next up was a very close second. For our meat course we all enjoyed a loin and leg of Rhug estate lamb, green asparagus, morels and mint oil. Served perfectly pink, this lamb was a delightful twist on all of the flavours so commonly associated with lamb. The mint oil made an intriguing   alternative to a classic mint sauce, whilst the morels were succulent and meaty.

The meal finished on a truly iconic note: The Marianne carrot cake soufflé with butterscotch and spiced pecans. This was all that a soufflé should be and more: light and fluffy, rising high out of the ramekin with a decadent butterscotch sauce that, when poured inside, made the whole thing feel even more indulgent.

I’m so pleased I finally got to try Marianne, and would definitely recommend it for a wonderful seasonal tasting menu in London.

​Where else do I need to add to my must-try list?

Love, Sophia x

Marianne, 104 Chepstow Rd, London W2 5QS

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