A Weekend in Las Vegas: Things To Do

“Hey Guys, are you ready to let the dogs out?”
Alan, The HangoverLas Vegas: The city of sin, bright lights, drive-through weddings and Elvis impersonators. I defy you to find a more divisive city than Las Vegas; to some its an adult Disney World and to others, no more than a seedy strip from which they cannot wait to escape. Vegas was a place I had always remained fairly neutral over, never yearning to go but never ruling it out. My lovely boyfriend, however, raved about the crazy place. So, in celebration of his birthday I took the plunge and booked us a trip there… And, what can I say, I loved it!

Aside from the obvious (and inevitable) gambling that will take place on a trip to Vegas, there is so much to do that I simply hadn’t realised. In fact, it was impossible to fit everything we may have liked to do into the few days we were there.

In this “Weekend in Las Vegas” series I’ll be taking a look back over some of my highlights from the trip that simply can’t be missed while in Vegas. Starting with… my top five things to do on a weekend in Vegas!


Ride a Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
Sundance Helicopters, 5596 Haven StreetWhilst this one takes you out of Las Vegas itself, its an absolute must do. ​I chose Sundance Helicopters for our trip and the flight was absolutely stunning, with accompanying music and fun facts along the way. Once landed in the beautiful Grand Canyon we were treated to a champagne picnic and a chance to take as many photos as possible, before taking to the skies again for a return flight that sees you soaring straight down the strip.

Prices start from $495


Drink Alcohol by the Yard
Fat Tuesday, Various Locations

Vegas is a city of extremes, where you can be dining at one of the best restaurants in America one day and drinking $16 yards of sickly sweet Daiquiri the next. It’s because of this fun duality, and the fact that you can drink literally anywhere along the strip,  that I think you should embrace the kitsch and head on down to Fat Tuesday for a yard of Daiquiri to tote around with you for the afternoon!


Hit the Pool (In Style)On a short trip to Vegas, most people will spend their days trekking from one casino to another, eating, drinking and gambling their way along the strip. All of this amounts to a surprising amount of walking which, when combined with jet lag, can become pretty tiring to this granny-at-heart. Enter, The Cypress Lounge at The Bellagio. Unlike the rest of The Bellagio’s pools, for an additional fee, the adults only Cypress Lounge is smaller and quieter, providing guests with comfortable lounge beds and waiter service throughout the day. Whilst there treat yourself to a spa treatment from the comfort of your lounger (I indulged in an incredible tropical scented leg and foot massage to ease my aching muscles.)














Explore the Hotels

You can’t go to Vegas and stay in one place, you have to go and get a taste of what each of the different hotels have to offer. Beyond the gambling floor, The Venetian offers indoor and outdoor gondola rides, The Bellagio has its fountains, made famous by so many films and Caesar’s Palace and The Bellagio are both home to a whole host of amazing shops. So grab a cocktail and get walking!


This was my first time in Vegas, but absolutely wont be my last; the atmosphere was just so infectious!

​Did I miss anything? Let me know for next time!

Love, Sophia x

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