Brunch at: Schpoons & Forx, Bournemouth

I don’t always stay in the capital and a few weekends ago I paid a visit to one of England’s most popular seaside towns, Bournemouth, with my boyfriend to visit his family. As a native of the coastal spot, he decided to take the reigns with choosing our brunch spot (what is a weekend away without brunch, after all). So, armed with only a knowledge of their bizarrely spelt name and the title ‘bottomless brunch’ in mind I followed him along to Schpoons & Forx.

Located in the wonderfully central Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth, the restaurant is contemporary but inviting, with lots of quirky little touches. ​When we arrived at midday, the restaurant was surprisingly quiet, with only one other table occupied, though it grew busier as the afternoon progressed. We were greeted and shown to our table by a waiter who then talked us through the ‘rules’ of the brunch, namely that he was not allowed to top up our glasses of bubbles until they were entirely drained (a bit stingy for a supposedly bottomless brunch if you ask me…)


























To start with I ordered a classic Eggs Benedict. I always feel that you can tell a lot about a brunch place by the strength of their Eggs Benedict and this one did not disappoint. The portion size was very generous for a starter, with two muffins, thickly cut ham and a good serving of a perfectly creamy hollandaise with a little sour bite.


Main Courses

I opted for the Wild Mushroom Risotto. Much like the starter, the risotto was not scrimping on portion size. The plate of food I received was huge and, although it was deliciously creamy and cheesy with a good variety of different mushrooms inside, I simply couldn’t finish it and had to be helped out by my boyfriend who happily finished off the plate!


As I chose to have a starter, a dessert was not included in my brunch, so I decided to finish off the meal with a Latte, which was served with three lovely little Macarons. Schpoons and Forx is a self confessed ‘quirky’ restaurant, though I failed to see much evidence of this quirkiness extending beyond the restaurant’s name and decor into the food.  Despite being somewhat stingy with the Prosecco, the brunch was reasonable value, at £29 per person. For reliably enjoyable food, moments from the beach in Bournemouth this summer, I would definitely recommend Schpoons and Forx, but perhaps take the bottomless element with a grain of salt. 

Hilton Bournemouth, Terrace Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5EL

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