An Evening At: Maze Grill, Park Walk

I’ve said it before, but I simply love my house being full of people and, lately, my boyfriend and I have absolutely adored playing host to all of our family and friends. Most recently it was the turn of my cousin Chloe, over at The Gastronomic Gorman, and her boyfriend to pay us a visit.

As I knew that our group consisted of four carnivores, the restaurant had to be Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill. Two of my greatest foodie loves are sushi and steak. Maze Grill manages to combine the two so that both are equally as delicious, making for a really memorable meal and a slightly more unusual combination than the usual offerings common to London’s other signature steak spots.

When we arrived on a busy Saturday evening we were seated at a beautiful marble table towards the front of the restaurant, overlooking the bustling bar. Champagne lover that I am, Chloe and I both ordered a glass whilst we studied the menu, with the boys opting instead for a gin and tonic and a beer. 

StartersFrom my previous visit to Maze Grill I knew that I simply had to have the Sashimi Selection (£18) again. Whilst I have seen this ordered as a main course, it is certainly not too large to enjoy as a starter. Consisting of thickly sliced salmon, scallop and tuna and served on a bed of ice, the sashimi was perfectly chilled with a delightfully fresh taste. If you wanted to skip the steak at Maze Grill, the Sashimi would work brilliantly with a selection of the other sushi dishes on offer as a sharing main.

Across the table, the Tuna Tartare Roll (£10) was ordered: a sushi roll stuffed full of avocado and topped with spicy tuna tartare and crispy rice that added a pleasant crunch. I managed to sneak a bite and have to admit that this was one of the most well flavoured tuna tartares I have ever tried: intensely rich and spiced without losing the taste of the tuna.

Main Courses

After hearing that the special of the day was a Côte de Boeuf (£3.90 per oz) there was really no other option, so each couple ordered a 25oz one to share. We had ours medium rare, which allowed the marbling to melt beautifully throughout the steak, resulting in a piece of meat that was deliciously juicy and not at all chewy.Not wanting to scrimp on sides we ordered some thick cut triple cooked chips, a mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and some spring greens for good measure (all £5). Mashed potatoes are truly one of my weaknesses and these were some amazing mashed potatoes: smooth, buttery, creamy – mashed potato perfection!

Despite already having the biggest starter, the biggest steak and four different sides… there’s always room for pudding. The dessert menu was too enticing to pass up, with an eclectic mixture of puddings: everything from classic English desserts such as Eton Mess and Chocolate cake to the intreguing sounding Monkey Bread.The star of the show was the Monkey Bread with Pecans and Vanilla Ice Cream (£12 to share). This delightful dessert reminded me of an American style cinnamon roll: sticky, sweet, with a caramel sauce and a lovely homemade vanilla ice cream melting on the top.

Maze Grill provides a brilliant alternative (with some slightly more unusual offerings) to the staple steak restaurants in the capital such as Hawksmoor and Goodman. Everything from the venue to the service was brilliant and I shall certainly be returning when I am once again in need of a sushi or steak fix!

Love, Sophia x

Maze Grill, 11 Park Walk, Chelsea, London SW10 0AJ

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