Afternoon Tea at: The Landmark, London

There are few things in life more quintessentially British than an afternoon tea. As such, when it comes to tea, I tend to think the more traditional the better. Whilst I love the occasional quirky twist, such as the alcoholic slant that the Mad Hatter’s Tipsy Tea at the Sanderson Hotel puts on proceedings, it is a classic afternoon tea, complete with its china teacups, silver teapots and crisp white tablecloths, that fills me with glee.

Luckily, as far as my love of afternoon tea goes, I am in good company. My lovely friend Pippa is equally as huge an afternoon tea fiend as I am and, as we had not been along to a tea together since the summertime, it was only right that we rectify the situation.

Having both heard wonderful things about The Landmark’s stunning Winter Garden, we could not wait to take our place in the atrium, surrounded by its famous palm trees, sipping cups of their signature Winter Garden Blend tea and stufffing ourselves silly with all of the sandwiches, scones and cakes we could muster!



As with all afternoon teas, we began with sandwiches. The selection on offer at The Landmark was full of all of the afternoon tea favourites you might expect; consisting of organic egg mayonnaise on caramelised onion bread, coronation chicken on walnut bread, smoked salmon and a classic cucumber. The selection was delightful: each on a different flavour of bread and jam-packed with a generous serving of each of the fillings (the egg in particular was practically overflowing with a flavoursome egg mayonnaise).

Having polished off our first plate of sandwiches, we were continuously topped up with additional servings of our favourites, until we were ready to move on to the scones!


Scones are my absolute favourite part of an afternoon tea. There is something about slathering wonderfully thick, clotted cream on top of warm scones, topping with a generous dollop of strawberry jam and taking that first indulgent bite that is just so satisfying. The scones, two plain and two fruit, were freshly cooked and delightfully fluffy, but it was the jam that really elevated these. From the extensive jam menu, which included strawberry, blackcurrant, apricot, gooseberry and elderflower, and cherry, we were instructed to select two flavours. We opted for a classic strawberry and a more unusual choice with the apricot, which was delicious. Like with the sandwiches, after finishing our first four scones we were offered more, and gladly accepted!





Next up were the cakes, consisting of a chocolate cup, flourless pistachio cake with blood orange jam, dulce de leche with dark chocolate mousse and a blueberry macaron. I normally begin to struggle by the time I reach the cakes in an afternoon tea, especially after indulging in multiple servings of sandwiches and scones. Unsurprisingly, this was once again the case here. After enjoying the decadently rich chocolate cup, I simply could not eat another bite. However, the servers were more than happy to box up the remaining cakes for me to take home and extend the fun of tea just a tad longer.

An afternoon tea is a little luxury that I will happily indulge in at any opportunity! There are few ways I would rather spend an afternoon than with the girls laughing, sipping tea, and working our way through plate after plate of delightful treats.At £45 a person for the traditional afternoon tea, or £52 with Champagne, The Landmark’s tea sits comfortably in the price range set by similar luxury hotels, with The Lanesborough placing their tea at £48 and The Ritz at £54. Though the service was at times a tad slow, for the quality of food received, the gorgeous setting in which the tea is served and the fabulously central location of the hotel I would absolutely recommend The Landmark to those looking for a traditional British tea in the capital.

Which afternoon tea are you longing to try?

Love, Sophia x

The Landmark, 222 Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6JQ

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