A Weekend in New York City: The Hotel

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”
Tom Wolfe

New York City had always featured on my list of places that I simply had to visit, but had never got around to. This all changed last year when I decided to pack up and make a spontaneous (and fleeting, at only three nights) visit to the Big Apple. Since then, I’ve been hooked on all that the City has to offer.

While I would certainly not consider myself an expert on all that is New York City, I can confirm, that after eating and drinking my way around, I have definitely built up a substantial collection of must-visits.​So here is the first in my ‘Weekend in New York City’ series: a collection of everything I would consider a must do on a little stopover in the ‘Capital of the World,’ as our yellow cab driver called it. We begin with:

The Hotel: 1 Hotel Central ParkI can safely say that after staying at the 1 Hotel Central Park, I would be happy to never stay in another New York hotel again, except perhaps the new member of the 1 Hotel family at the Brooklyn Bridge. Overlooking the sprawling expanse that is Central Park, the 1 Hotel is an eco-friendly, five star oasis in the heart of the metropolis. Surrounded by greenery and recycled materials, even the hotel’s catchphrase ‘Nothing is ever really lost,’ spelled out in moss, driftwood and other salvaged products, echoes its wonderfully renewable and refreshing nature. Indeed, as crazy as it may sound, simply stepping into the hotel after a day of marching around Manhattan, has the power to relax. The fresh scent of the 1 Hotel’s signature soy candles (which are available to buy, and which make me pine for New York whenever I burn them) fill the air and the bustling city outside is briefly forgotten. However, despite wholeheartedly embracing its naturalistic and renewable ethos, no sacrifices have been made in terms of quality. Make no mistake, this is a truly luxury hotel.


Whenever I have visited the 1 Hotel, my stay has been spent in either a City or Park King room. These rooms, while petite, are crammed full of little touches of luxury: robes, snug socks, organic cotton sheets, a walk in marble shower, beautifully natural 1 Hotel bath products, yoga mats for early morning stretches and the pièce de résistance: a little window nook, complete with a multitude of cushions and a cosy throw for snuggling on and watching the bustle of the street below.  It is to this nook that I head first on every visit, ordering a bottle of Champagne to share and drinking it wrapped up in pyjamas and robes observing the city before a first day of exploration.
The hotel’s signature restaurant, Jams, offers a taste of Californian cuisine in the heart of New York, providing farm fresh, wholesome meals, which make a change from the characteristic overindulgence that accompanies the rest of the trip. It is also Jams who provide many of the little touches that go towards making any trip extra special. In the winter months Jams provide complementary freshly warmed apple cider in the lobby to escape the bitter chill outside. While, as the weather warms, they supply delicious and locally sourced picnics to enjoy in Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park, consisting of local cheese boards, crusty rolls, refreshing wines, and a fruit platter, as well as a picnic bag and cosy blanket to enjoy the feast on.
The 1 Hotel is truly unique in New York City. It is warm and welcoming without being fussy, modern without being cold, and luxurious in the most effortless of ways, a place I will no doubt return to, and would recommend to anyone visiting this fabulous city.Love, Sophia x

1 Hotel Central Park, 1414 6th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA
Rooms from £207 per night

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