Disney World Food Guide: Top 5 Snacks

I’m always surprised by how often, whenever I reveal my love of Disney World, the revelation is met with confusion and the question, intrigued but loaded, ‘what about the food though?’ Disney is perceived by many to be a place of no more than buffet dinners, burgers and nuggets. Sure, in some places it can be this, but if you know where to go Disney houses some of my favorite things to eat across the resorts, parks and Disney springs. In honour of this love, as well as the unfathomable excitement that has accompanied planning this year’s trip, I’ll be counting down some of my ultimate must-eats across all of Walt Disney World. We begin with… Snacks! 
​​Dole Whip
Aloha Isle (Magic Kingdom) and Pineapple Lanai (Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort)

Perhaps the most iconic snack in the Disney parks, Dole whip, and all of its variants (my favourite is the float), is the delicious pineapple flavoured soft serve that I race to get whenever I’m in the Magic Kingdom, or at the Polynesian. Dole Whip is equal parts wonderfully refreshing in the Floridian heat and hugely sentimental to me and for that reason it makes my number one spot.
Warm Colossal Cinnamon Roll

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery (Animal Kingdom)

For taste alone the colossal cinnamon rolls could have easily been number one. Freshly cooked, these cinnamon buns are presented in the typical Mickey Mouse shape, oozing with warm cinnamon filling and drizzled with lashings of icing. A healthy start to the day they are not, but no trip to Animal Kingdom would be complete without them.

3. ​​
​Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich
Available throughout Disney Parks and Resorts

If you like your food character themed and delightfully sickly-sweet, Disney is the place for you. For ice cream, themed like the main Mouse, many Disney aficionados opt for the classic Mickey bar: simply chocolate encasing a vanilla ice cream. While you can never go wrong with an old classic I have always favoured the Mickey ice cream sandwich. This has all the fun of the Mickey shape, whilst also tasting like an Oreo ice cream sandwich, which is a big win in my books. 
Chocolate Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

L’Artisan des Glaces (France Pavilion, Epcot)
Continuing on the ice cream sandwich theme, L’Artisan des Glaces in the France pavilion at Epcot also houses a tempting menu. Whilst their classic ice cream is wonderful, it’s the ice cream sandwiches on offer than have become cult classics. Choose between freshly warmed brioche stuffed with ice cream, or opt for one of two flavours (chocolate or raspberry) of macaron filled with ice cream. From the title of my number four spot you can see that I always go for the macaron, with its delightfully crisp outer shell giving way to a wonderfully soft inner and an even more delicious, rich chocolate ice cream. But I definitely wouldn’t turn down the brioche. 
5. ​
​School Bread
Kringla Bakeri og Cafe (Norway Pavilion, Epcot)

School bread: the not-so-hidden, hidden gem of Epcot. Tucked away in the Norway pavilion lurks this delicious snack. Somewhere between an iced bun and a donut, school bread is effectively a sweet roll, stuffed with custard and topped with icing, with a subtle coconut flavour. It’s more divisive than I expected and while I love it, others don’t get the fuss. So give it a try for yourself and see what you think.
​Rice Krispie Treats

I simply couldn’t have a list of favourite disney snacks and not include these little bites of heaven. The rice krispie treats at Walt Disney World are another absolute cult classic, and can be found throughout the parks in every possible flavour and size combination imaginable. I’ve seen these in ball form, with around 20 in a bag, in one huge Mickey shaped mass larger than my face, on a stick and dressed as a mummy during halloween. One word of warning: Though I may have the sweetest sweet tooth and can absolutely demolish these treats, many friends and family members I’ve given them to back in the UK have found them a tad too sickly.

So, that’s my top five must-eat snacks across Walt Disney World. I hope I’ve been able to provide some foodie inspiration for your next trip! Next time, I’ll be counting down my Top Five Table Service Restaurants across the parks and resort hotels!​​
Love, Sophia x

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